Vaccination Status Verification - Employees and Volunteers

Beginning January 1, 2022, per the Sonoma County Junior College District Board of Trustees Resolution 21-21, all employees and volunteers who are assigned to work on-site and/or who access District sites are required to provide proof of full vaccination.

The District will maintain a record of the employee’s or volunteer's vaccination status. District Partners who are engaged in certain work with SRJC may also provide vaccine status information using this process to be approved to access District worksites. This effort is necessary to reduce COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Sonoma County, and to protect our community from the Delta and Omicron variant, which continues to circulate in our community, is more contagious, and causes more severe illness than previous strains of SARS-CoV-2.

Submission Information

You will need to provide proof of an accepted COVID-19 vaccination or must have a qualifying exemption based on medical or religious grounds. 

The District will accept any of the following forms of proof of vaccine which must be uploaded to your Vaccination Status Verification Form:

  • digital record, which can be obtained from the State of CA COVID Vaccine Registry (Preferred)
    • You will need to enter your first and last name, date of birth, and an email or phone number that may be associated to your vaccine record. The digital record you will receive includes a QR code that when scanned by a SMART Health Card reader will display the required information. Save your digital record to a phone or computer to upload to this form.
  • A scan or photocopy of your paper vaccine card
  • Documentation of COVID-19 vaccination from a health care provider
  • Documentation of vaccination from another Employer who is also subject to Sonoma County Health Order C19-26

If you have questions regarding how to get proof of your vaccine record, please go to the California Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record website for additional information and to download your Digital Vaccine Record. You may save your digital vaccine record to any computer or electronic device for safekeeping and then upload it to the Vaccine Verification Form.

    Submit Online Here

    Employee and Volunteer Vaccination Status Verification Form

    Vaccine Scheduling Information

    SRJC supports vaccination as an effective method for preventing both transmission and serious illness or death from COVID-19. If you are not vaccinated, please consider being vaccinated against COVID-19. Please schedule your vaccination through SHS, your personal medical provider, or other county vaccine provider. Visit the Sonoma County Health Vaccine Clinics Calendar for a schedule of available vaccine clinics in Sonoma County, or call 707-527-4445 to request a free vaccination appointment with SRJC’s Student Health Services.

    Beginning Monday, January 10, all students who are taking in-person classes and current employees are welcome to schedule a COVID-19 booster shot appointment with SRJC’s Student Health Services by calling 707-527-4445. Appointments will be available beginning Wednesday, January 19. Vaccine boosters are key in helping keep our entire college community safe, particularly in the face of new, aggressive variants like Omicron. At this time, boosters are not required to comply with SRJC’s vaccine requirement, but they may be required in the future, based on guidance from the CDC and other health agencies. Please consider getting a booster if you are eligible and have not already.

    Exemption Information

    Beginning January 1, 2022, those who are not fully vaccinated will require an approved medical or religious exemption from the vaccine mandate before entering a District site. Exemptions to the requirements for Spring 2022 will be carefully considered when based on law for approved medical and religious reasons. You should expect the exception process to take a minimum of two weeks for submission and review. Depending on the volume of requests, processing may take longer. 

    If you are approved for medical or religious exemption to the District vaccine requirement, you may be required to follow District imposed safety precautions deemed necessary to protect you, your colleagues, students, and the District’s community from COVID-19. Examples of safety precautions could include twice weekly PCR testing, social distancing, frequent sanitizing, and the use of N95 respirators.

    • If you have an approved exemption from the District vaccine requirement and you need to conduct twice weekly, or occasionally, PCR testing, you must schedule appointments through the District Student Health Services' Verification Test Appointment Scheduling System.
      • Your test must be conducted 48 hours prior to accessing a District location.
      • Employees and volunteers testing occasionally under a District approved exception must plan to schedule a drive-up test through SHS, and may not enter a District location unless they receive a negative test result and approval to enter from their supervising administrator, component vice president, or District Human Resources. 
      • Employees and volunteers testing twice weekly under a District approved exception must schedule their appointments 3 days apart. Employees should schedule test dates in advance, and the recommended intervals are either Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday.
      • Testing appointments are available on the following dates and locations, for exempted employees with no COVID-19 symptoms:
        • Santa Rosa: Bertolini Staff Lounge, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. Rapid tests are available as well as PCR tests.
        • Petaluma: Call Building, Student Health Lobby, Monday and Thursday, 10am-2pm, and on Tuesday, 12pm-4pm. Rapid tests are also available on Tuesdays only.
        • Windsor: Public Safety Training Center: Annex A Warehouse, Monday and Thursday,12pm-2pm
      • Beginning Wednesday, January 19, drive-up rapid testing is offered by SHS on the Santa Rosa campus for current employees with COVID-19 symptoms. Please call 707-527-4445 to make an appointment.
    • You may contact SHS at (707) 527-4445 or email if you need assistance regarding your test appointment.
    • Missed appointments, a delayed test result, or a positive test result may prevent approval for an employee or volunteer to access a District site. If you are not able to attend work on a District site due to a missed appointment, delayed test result, or a positive test result, employees may be required to use available personal leave unless otherwise approved by their supervisor or Human Resources.
      • Please contact your supervising administrator and Human Resources if you need to miss a weekly testing appointment (i.e. due to illness or vacation).

    For additional assistance or questions, please contact the Human Resources' Employee Health and Safety Office (EH&S) at or call (707) 527-4803.