Aerial Lift Manuals

Santa Rosa Campus Aerial Lifts

Manual Format File Size
UTEM SKYTEL UTLI46A/Ford F550 Boom Truck PDF 1.4 MB
Genie AWP Super Series 30S PDF 1.1 MB
Genie GS-1930 Op Manual 1st Ed 5th Printing Part Number 39527 PDF 800 KB
Genie Z30/20N Op Manual 3rd Ed 2nd Print Part Number 82282 PDF 1.4 MB
ANSI CSA Serial Number SS09 3314 Super Straddle Part Number 133452 PDF 1.1 MB
AWP 10 66710 AWP Super Series Part Number 14356 PDF 1.1 MB

Petaluma Campus Aerial Lifts

Manual Format File Size
Genie-Op-Manual-4th-Ed-1st-Printing-Part-No-33424 PDF 4.5 MB
JLG Toucan E26MJ Petaluma Media and Pet Fac Ops Aerial Lift Manual PDF 4.1 MB

Shone Farm Aerial Lift

Manual Format File Size
JLG 25AM PDF 2.45 MB

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